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Dog Boarding

K9 Safari is offering kennel free dog boarding on 4 acres 10min south of Lexington KY. While your dog will enjoy exploring nature they will also enjoy the comfort of my home. Dogs can sleep and relax in my house, on my couches or their own beds. Your dog will have a great time here. They will run, play and relax with other dogs in nature on securely 6ft fenced land. Have peace of mind knowing your dog is well cared for in a secured home away from home. Bring your dog back to nature with beautiful surrounding and lots of fresh air.

Leaving your dog with us is a healthy alternative to leaving them at a standard kennel. Dog boarding should not be stressful for you or your dog. At k9 safari your dog can play and explore in a securely 6ft fenced doggie paradise and also in over 2000 square feet climate controlled indoor play rooms ensuring enough physical activity taking away excess energy and boredom. Let your dog stay with us and be well taken care of!

Playtime/Daycare included in boarding rates, no extra fees!

No additional charges for potty breaks, medicine administration and picture updates.

$35 for one dog per night plus %6 sales tax

2 dogs from the same home $56 per night together plus %6 sales tax

3 or more dogs from the same home, $25 per dog per night plus %6 sales tax

Dogs under 6 months not neutered $35a night

Male dogs 6 months to 1 year old not neutered $80 a night

Neutered dogs normal price

Not neutered dogs older than 1 year not accepted

Prices are subject to change and seasonal or holiday rates may apply.

One flat rate $20 fee per animal if you book over SPRING BREAK, FALL BREAK AND HOLIDAYS


Bring your dog for a fun filled day in the great outdoors at K9 Safari, they can run and play with their friends in nature, over 2 acres secured fenced play area. Climate controlled playrooms also available. Daycare days may differ every week, please text for details. Free Pet taxi available for pick up and drop off in Lexington.

Call of Text

“She is wonderful peyton loves going and I love how we receive pictures everyday to show how he is doing. Also there has never been a time that she has not let him come even last minute. I always recommend her to everyone that I know”.

Sarah B.

“Tried them out for the first time a couple of weeks ago and my dogs loved it! They were so exhausted by the time they came home:) It was very affordable and she sent me pictures of them during the stay. Can’t wait to send them there again! Highly recommend”

Erin F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Check our frequently asked questions.

Bring his/her own food and a dog bed if you prefer, if your dog is used to a crate sometimes they prefer having something they know and are used too.
It will be in my house, they get to run around, play and explore outside but come inside when they are tired. I go outside with them while they play. Never leaving them alone outside. I have over one acre 6ft high doggie proof fenced area they can play in.
If it is an immediate emergency I will take them to Bluegrass Veterinary specialists and animal emergency it is 20min from my house, if it is not an immediate emergency I can take your dog to your vet.
I usually give discount depending on the time of the year. I do get really busy over the summer and holidays.
Yes I send updates with pictures everyday.
Different than traditional boarding kennels your dog will get to play all day and stay in a real home all included in the nightly boarding rate. No additional cost for playtime. Your dog will go home tired and happy.
Yes you can, we can discuss a time for pick up.
Yes please, make sure your dog have all the required vaccines and also Bordetella.
Yes, I only take care of dogs that get along with other dogs.
Yes you are welcome to meet me and see my facility prior to boarding.
Yes they will get to go outside a lot and they will also be around other dogs.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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