1What should I bring with my dog?
Bring his/her own food and a dog bed if you prefer, if your dog is used to a crate sometimes they prefer having something they know and are used too.
2Could you describe the dogs living quarters, where they stay?
It will be in my house, they get to run around, play and explore outside but come inside when they are tired. I go outside with them while they play. Never leaving them alone outside. I have over one acre 6ft high doggie proof fenced area they can play in.
3What do you do in case of an emergency?
If it is an immediate emergency I will take them to Bluegrass Veterinary specialists and animal emergency it is 20min from my house, if it is not an immediate emergency I can take your dog to your vet.
4What is the rate for 2 dogs from the same family?
I usually give discount depending on the time of the year. I do get really busy over the summer and holidays.
5Do I get updates on how the stay is going?
Yes I send updates with pictures everyday.
6What services are included in the price?
Different than traditional boarding kennels your dog will get to play all day and stay in a real home all included in the nightly boarding rate. No additional cost for playtime. Your dog will go home tired and happy.
7Will you be the one handling my pet when I am away?
Yes! They will get loving and great care from me.
8Can we pick our dogs up on a Sunday?
Yes you can, we can discuss a time for pick up.
9When can we pick our dogs up and drop them off?
We can discuss that.
10Do I need to provide any vaccination records?
Yes please, make sure your dog have all the required vaccines and also Bordetella.
11Will my dog be around other dogs?
Yes, I only take care of dogs that get along with other dogs.
12Do you do meet and greets?
Yes you are welcome to meet me and see my facility prior to boarding.
13Do I need to put flee and tick protection on my dog?
Yes they will get to go outside a lot and they will also be around other dogs.